marketing for small companies

A cost-effective plan to expand
your market in Cambodia

I can help you revive your position on the market through carefully targeted ads and efficient retargeting. For a minimal fee – or eventually a percentage of your profit, I will get involved in your business to develop a long term strategy to ensure your business stays right where it should.  


It all starts here, with a fantastic website that promotes your business, but also collects information

social media

The corner stone of any good marketing, social media is so present in everyday life, it would be hard not use it

email marketing

Once we collect information we can retarget and keep your loyal clients inside the loop. Clients like to be talked to

franck dufrenoy
My name is Franck

I have been in Cambodia for 18 years and running this business for more than 12 years. I have a very good understanding of the local market. 

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