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Your website

You may think a website for a restaurant is useless in 2020, with all the platform and customer review sites available around us, but actually it is a very practical and important part of the puzzle. First of all, the website helps you gather information about your visitors, with Facebook Pixels and Google tags, we can draft a vague profile of your typical guests. Then, even though visitors may find you first one Trip Advisor or Facebook, 2 out of 3 will then visit your site, it is your virtual business card. Third, you can write blogs (which you would ultimately share on FB), install a booking system a chat room and so much more. So yes, a website is important and part of the whole system

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Your social marketing

In the era of Facebook and other Twitter, no one can escape their impact and influence on us. As a restaurant owner, you need to be present to share news about your business with your clients or potential clients. You need to communicate regularly and promptly. You can post pictures and short videos to convey the feeling of your place. Social media are also very good to chat and converse with your client.

For restaurant we suggest the following platform & apps: 

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Organize contests

setting up some sort of contests to spread the word about your restaurant. I would recommend and offline/online contest. This simply means starting a contest in your physical restaurant that customers can share online. Imagine one customer with a massive social media following uploading content related to your restaurant. Offering contest would definitely get the word about your restaurant out there.

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Email marketing

Though the younger generation do not carry a steady day-to-day email, the working class is still very much active on this mean of communication and eMail marketing remains a strong and effective marketing strategy for your restaurant. The best way to collect email address is through Facebook’s Lead generator and email subscription on the website. Email marketing is a great way “keep” your customers in a close environment, refresh their memories on a regular basis with special offers and deals.

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The most rewarding marketing is the word-of-mouth, most of us walk into a restaurant because someone shared a picture or a comment or just told you how wonderful or exceptional the food and service was. This is (and by far) the most trusted way to gain customers. So, with that in mind, we need to “invite” some people with a large audience or with a strong authority to share their experience online 

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Complimentary Services included:

Write content

Take pictures

Design Artwork

make short clips

Manage reviews

For all the services above, we charge only

$350 / month

franck dufrenoy
My name is Franck

I have been in Cambodia for 18 years and running this business for more than 12 years. I have a very good understanding of the local market. 

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